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Deliver Scheduled Meals, Stop Food Stealing!

In a home with more than one pet, it is stressful to make sure the right pet gets the right amount of the right food - especially with your busy lifestyle. The PortionPro Rx automatic feeder for cat & dog is the unique, intelligent stress-free feeding solution that uses RFID technology to prevent food-stealing between pets, while controlling meal portions. It can make life easier and less worrisome when it comes to feeding pets with different dietary needs.
Note: Feeders are intended to be used by one pet for proper daily meal portioning. Each pet should wear a collar tag for access control. If purchasing less feeders than pets in the home be sure to add extra tags to your cart.
  • PortionPro Rx Active RFID tags

Standout Features and Benefits

  • PortionPro Rx Scheduled Meals

    Scheduled Meals

    Pet owners know how important your pet’s routine can be. Set the time you want your pet fed and the programmed feeder will do the rest, ensuring consistent mealtimes daily.
  • PortionPro Rx Prevent Food Stealing

    Save Money

    Overweight pets deal with many of the same health risks as overweight humans, and you can avoid costly vet bills by maintaining a healthy weight for your four-legged friend.
  • PortionPro Rx Overall Healthier Pets

    Automated Portion Control

    Automated portion control saves you the time of measuring meals. Gain peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving the correct amount of food every day, automatically.
  • PortionPro Rx Save Money

    Stop Food Stealing

    When you have more than one dog or cat mealtimes can be stressful, especially with food stealers. With our patented RFID system and pet safe door covers, you don't have to worry!
  • PortionPro Rx Portion Control

    Healthier & Happier Pets

    Meal portioning is the easiest way to get your pet's weight under control. Portioning correctly prevents and reverses obesity, giving you a healthier and happier pet.
  • PortionPro Rx Prevent and Reverse Obesity

    Easy to Setup

    Programming your smart feeder is as easy as setting an alarm clock. That’s why it’s one of the most intelligent, stress-free feeding solutions in the industry.

Frequently asked questions

Why does the PortionPro Rx use RFID Tags instead of the embedded microchips in most pets?

In order to properly control access to food in an automatic dispenser, pets need to be recognized in advance of their arrival to the feeder. This allows the feeder time to close the bowl door before the food stealer can get even a mouthful.
With embedded microchips there is no battery and nothing that emits an independent signal. They work by having signals sent out of an outside device that then bounce off the microchip and return to be recognized by a receiver (think echolocation). This method is known as passive RFID and only allows for a very short range. In our testing of other feeders, we have found that pets need to be within just a few inches for the feeders to react.
Using our active RFID tags, we send out a signal to the feeder from the tag that is recognized at approximately 2 feet away. This extra distance gives the feeder the chance to react accordingly by either opening (or staying open) for an approved pet or closing if an unapproved pet is approaching.
Our system of access control could not work successfully without utilizing our patented RFID system and food motivated thieves would easily win.

How many feeders do I need?

Ideally for proper portioning and access control within a home each cat and/or dog in a house would be given its own feeder and a collar tag. The feeder portions out food for a single pet and any pet being fed normally can still be stolen from by other pets in the home. There are some circumstances when you could purchase less feeders than you have pets. An example is if you have a dog that steals food from the cat and you want to stop that behavior. Purchase a feeder for the cat and an additional tag to put on the dog. The cat can eat freely and the dog will be restricted from accessing the food in the bowl.

Is my pet right for a PortionPro Rx?

There are many ways that a PortionPro Rx auto feeder can enrich the lives of you, your family, and most importantly your pets.
Is your pet a dog? Cat? Do you have multiple pets? Do you have pets on therapeutic diets? Do you have overweight pets? Do your pets steal food from each other? Do you worry that multiple people are feeding the pets the same meal? Do you feed your cat on the kitchen counter, or other elevated surface, to keep the food away from the dog? Are you often stressed out at meal times? Do you work long hours and can’t always feed your pets at consistent times? Do your pets wake up for early for food? Does your cat frequently throw up after eating?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your pet is the right pet for a PortionPro Rx.

What happens to the food if the pet does not eat the entire meal after it is delivered?

The uneaten portion of the food remains in the feeder bowl available to the pet. The pet has access to the food in the bowl 24/7. If the pet does not eat all its meal by the time the next meal is scheduled the meal will be delivered on time.

Do all my pets need to wear a PortionPro Rx RFID collar tag?

For the access control element of the PortionPro Rx food dispenser to work properly all pets in the home will need to wear a PortionPro Rx tag. The tags communicate with the various feeders in the home telling them which pets can and can’t access the food within them. Any pets not wearing a tag can access and steal food from feeders they are not assigned to.

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