Product Dimentions & Weight


Width:  12.2"

Heigth: 13.4"

Length: 14.3"


7 lbs

PortionPro skeleton

Food Capacity

The PortionPro food bin can hold up to 32 cups of dry food, this is approximately equivalent to a 6 lb bag of kibble. The ceramic coated steel food bowl holds up to 2 cups of dry food.

Food Bin Capacity

Food Bowl Capacity

Acceptable Kibble Sizes

The PortionPro is designed to be used with non-irregular shaped dry food. Recommended kibble size 5/8" or less for optimal meal accuracy.

Spatial Requirements

Your PortionPro feeders should be within 6 feet of a standard walloutlet and at least 6 feet apart from other PortionPro feeders. We also recommend setting them up in low traffic areas of the home when possible.


Our food bowl is made out of ceramic coated steel for both durability and hygiene. The food bin and the food belt are both constructed following FDA guidelines.

PortionPro bowl
PortionPro food bin and lid
PortionPro food belt

Power Consumption

Electrical Specifications

Standard U.S. outlet 115V AC Input, 5V DC output. UL Listed power supply rated at 2.4 Amps

Energy Efficient Design

Yearly power consumption less than $2 to operate the PortionPro*

*Based on information supplied by the U.S. Energy Information Administration published on May 2018 on Average Price of Electricity to Residential

PortionPro automated pet feeder

Let the PortionPro make your pets healthier, and your life simpler!